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Ukraine farm animals

During war and disasters, we all want to help any way we can. Donating money to worthwhile charities is usually the quickest and best way to make an impact.

Unfortunately, it's often difficult to know which organizations are worth our support.

To help you with deciding, Edry and Associates has researched and recommend the following destinations for donations.

We've divided these charities into two groups - the first section to charities dedicated to helping human refugees, and the second section to charities helping pets/animals along with their owners.

Please give generously.


Aid to Ukrainian Refugees

International Rescue Committee:

Doctors Without Borders:

United Nations High Commission for Refugees:



United Way:

Save the Children:

World Central Kitchen:

Nova Ukraine:



Ukrianian refugee carrying dog

Charities Providing Help to Ukrainian Pets/Animals and Their Families

Greater Good Charities:

International Federation of Animal Welfare (IFAW): or go straight to the donate page:

Casa Lui Patrocle: Sanctuary in Romania that assists people cross the border with their pets.

Sirius: One of the largest animal shelters in Ukraine.

Happy Paw: Supports shelter animals in Ukraine.

UAnimals: Supports animal shelters left with dwindling food and supplies due to the Russian invasion.

Saved by the Vet: Provides support, care and shelter to Ukrainian refugees and their pets as well as transports of supplies to Ukrainian shelters in need.

International Animal Protection League: Animal refuge outside Kyiv that cares for hundreds of homeless pets and other animals.

Shelter Ugolyok: This animal rescue and farm sanctuary in Ukraine is building up a wartime food reserve for their hundreds of animals and is currently facing difficulty transporting supplies so close to the bombings. To help Shelter Ugolyok, you can make a donation via PayPal

Compilations of Organizations Helping Ukrainian Pets and Their Families

How to Support Pets & Their Families in Ukraine and Outside the Country:

Compilation of groups, shelters, sanctuaries outside and inside Ukraine: 

Another good compilation of organizations: or


Please share this list widely. We appreciate your crediting the source.

Prayers for Ukraine and a safe and peaceful world,

Ukraine refugee walking with pets

The Edry and Associates Team