We take on organizations, big or small whose mission we believe in; learn about what keeps you up at night, and then offer you practical affordable solutions. We join your team, work closely with you and are accountable for your success.


Planning for the Future 

Probably you’ve thought “if only we had the time” for Strategic Planning. We’ll help you see the big picture and assess future direction, take you step by step through the planning process and rally your team to attain that Big Hairy Audacious Goal.

More Loyal, Committed Donors, Big and Small

We bet losing donors and finding new ones top your list of problems…and it should. We’ll set up a “thank you” system for current donors, and to reach new audiences, craft and deliver your story through social media, newsletters, e-appeals, direct mail and, best of all, one-on-one, face-to-face meetings.

Grants and Corporate Sponsors

Because only 20% of funding is for general operation, we spend the time digging for those dollars (and for projects), and craft compelling requests to foundations and corporations where you have a good chance for a “Yes”.

Boards Moving Forward!™

Frankly, most board retreats are boring. Ours, decidedly not. Moving Forward! draws upon time-honored theatre, movement and voice improvisations. Board members experience a new felt perspective on how they can engage with each other, with staff, and, be an engaged, effective player to…yes…move the organization forward. Moving Forward ™ is customized for each group, and fun!

Smart Event Planning 

So events won’t break you and your staff. We find donated goods and services to cut down on expenses, have experience working with celebrities, and secure underwriting and sponsorships, and are skilled in all manner of event logistics.


It takes a village to raise a child. It takes a team to fundraise.

Our team wants to help yours do greater things for the greater good.

Let’s start a conversation. Contact us today.